Your personalized recipe for success

 If you've done a few Ironman races and you're ready for the next challenge, Ultra Triathlon racing could be for you! The demands of ultra races such as Ultraman require a different approach to training. Don't learn by trial and error, take advantage of our experience with a customized Ultraman coaching program specific to your individual needs. 

Every athlete is different, so every athlete needs a training plan that is personalized. We work to understand your goals, strengths, weaknesses and time constraints in order to craft your very own recipe for success.

How it works

The ultraman coaching program starts with an initial consultation, either in person or over the phone, to better understand your background and your goals. We then work with you to produce an annual training plan, based on your goal races for the season. Next, we plan out each training block a month at a time, with regular feedback to adjust the plan according to your feedback and progress.